Business Advisory Services


LEN Business Development Unit (BDU) has embarked on a campaign to streamline and organise its services in view of growing demand, and to render these services sustainable in the long term.

The creation of long term jobs is our primary objective, in the pursuit of the economic diversification of Region 10 from its historic dependency on bauxite.

Businesses, particularly newly established ones, are usually in great need of different business advisory services. At present, LEN Business services are provided at a minimum cost. The payment scheme is also intended to allow other professional service providers to grow in the Region over the years.

Your investment in business advisory services is an investment in your business' future. As a client you are in the best position to direct our services towards a better performance of your business and to own the services' outcome. The process is a simple one:

1. You must properly identify the needs, problems or bottlenecks within your business

2. Contact an Officer of the LEN Business Development Unit

3. An assessment of your business will be done with you and the desired course of action will be recommended.

LEN can also assist you in the identification of the problems and needs, if you so desire.

Experience shows that the greatest single factor in the success or failure of a business is the entrepreneur him/herself and his/her competencies and abilities. We would wish that you as a competent entrepreneur would be conscious of this, and take the opportunity now to tap into our services, which are at your doorsteps.


Description of the service

Business advice can take various forms depending on your business needs. Usually, together with you, we identify your exact needs in order to determine what kind of advice you actually require.

Problems related to management and organisation such as stock or personnel management, basic legal and tax advice, setting up of an inventory system, management style, time management and activities, business monitoring and financial issues such as book keeping, business planning and sales price calculations, can be addressed.

Please note that marketing and production related issues are dealt with by our specialised services.

We strictly adhere to a policy where “the client is the boss”, i.e. we can only suggest certain adaptations and make recommendations for your business, but it's up to you to make an informed final decision. As advisors, we are an external resource and cannot take any responsibility whatsoever in your business.

We will assist you to plan and execute strategies to start and grow your business, and to achieve the success that you dream of.


Who can benefit from the service?

Any businessperson facing any of the problems listed above.

We particularly encourage micro and small entrepreneurs to make use of this service.


How can I benefit from this service?

You will gain more clarity about the real business problems you are facing, and about possible solutions to overcome them. You are the main agent of change for your business. Whatever advice we give requires action on your part to remedy the existing problem(s).


What should I do to benefit from this service?

Contact the LEN Business Development Unit for appointment or information: (Phone: 444-4062) (Phone: 444-4057).

If you are not already a LEN client, you will be registered on your first appointment.


How much do I have to pay?

Contact the above-mentioned numbers for more information.

Take advantage now!