Business Centre

What should you do to access the Business Incubation service?

  1. Uplift a tenancy application form from the Receptionist at the LEN Office, complete and submit to the LEN office. At the same time make an appointment to see the Business Incubator Manager, so that you can discuss your business idea.

  2. Be prepared to meet with a LEN Business Advisor, to review your Business Plan.

  3. Accept an invitation to be interviewed by the Admissions Committee. This committee will want to review your business plan and assess your potential as an entrepreneur.

Once you have successfully completed the steps 1 - 3, you are ready for admission as a tenant at the Region 10 Business Incubation Centre.

Added services you can also find at Linden Enterprise Network (L.E.N) are:

  1. Business Advice

  2. Marketing Assistance

  3. Production Training

  4. Technical Assistance

  5. Business Skills and Employment Training

  6.  Entrepreneurship Start-Up Training