Entrepreneurship Start-up Training

Entrepreneurship start-up training programmes are offered for two different purposes:

  1. To assist would-be entrepreneurs in writing their own business plans during a five-day training, with the possibility to present your draft to a credit officer for feedback and eventual finance.

  2. To assist would-be entrepreneurs in detecting their strengths and weaknesses and in identifying and practicing entrepreneurial competencies during a ten-day training programme.

All training modules are conducted in a participant-centred manner with structured learning exercises, role-playing and other participatory methods.


Who can benefit from the service?

Micro and small would-be entrepreneurs who have been either advised by LEN to refine their business plans, or who intend to submit one in the near future.

Start-up entrepreneurs in general and existing entrepreneurs with shortcomings in those areas.


How can I benefit from this service?

Depending on the module selected, you will benefit from a major planning tool (business plan). The Business Plan is one of the most important tools for accessing financing. It will be prepared by you, or with the assistance of one our Business Advice Experts.


What should I do to benefit from this service?

Contact the LEN Business Development Unit for appointment or information: (Phone: 444-4057)

In order to find out about planned training programmes or to be listed for the forthcoming ones.

If you are not already a LEN client, you will be registered on your first appointment.


How much do I have to pay?

Contact the above-mentioned persons for more information.

Take advantage now!