Marketing Assistance

There is virtually no business without markets! If you can't convince the customers of the values and advantages of your products and services, then you are in deep trouble. Good marketing begins with a clear understanding of your customer, and consists of a wide range of measures that are all related to increasing your sales volume and customer satisfaction. In order to position your products or services firmly in the market, start with an appealing range of products/services, and an appropriate marketing strategy. This will result in an attractive sales policy (price structure, introductory rebates, or take-away gifts) and profits.

Our business service assists you in identifying, and eventually overcoming your specific marketing problems, or to develop new marketing strategies tailored to your customers' needs. We can advise on market assessment, advertising strategies and execution plans, signage, rebate system, promotional activities, packaging etc. Additionally we can link you to new clients in Guyana and internationally, or help you to develop your product range, diversification, design, sales price range, etc. In cases where additional financing is required, we refer you to the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN)


Who can benefit from the service?

Entrepreneurs already in business

Business starters


How can I benefit from this service?

Every business exists because of the customer! Understanding your customers' needs and expectations, and adapting your product or service to meet these needs give you an absolute advantage in the marketplace. You can then enjoy higher sales volumes, and better profits, while putting our marketing assistance into practice. You get a clearer idea about how marketing could and should be done. With your assistance, we can 'tailor make' a specific marketing strategy for your business.


What should I do to benefit from this service?

Contact the LEN Business Development Unit for appointment or information: (Phone: 444-4057) in order to arrange a first encounter.

If you are not already a LEN client, you will be registered on your first appointment.


How much do I have to pay?

Contact the above-mentioned number for more information.

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