Renovated Linden Enterprise Network offices nears completion

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By Enid Joaquin

The extended LEN building.

The Linden Enterprise Network headquarters on Republic Avenue is gradually taking on a new look
with an extension of 4,500 plus square feet on its upper floor, which is expected to accommodate at least 23 new  offices.
According to Chairman of its Committee of Management, Orrin Gordon, the extension was decided upon after there were calls for more space.
“We were bombarded by persons in the community for more space, but there was not enough room to extend downstairs, so a decision was made by the board last year, for us to extend upstairs, above the conference room.”
Gordon said that the contract was awarded to BJ Construction Company, a local contractor.
$40M was approved for the project, of which $17M was initially handed over he said.
‘We were given a major assignment to finish the building with the remainder of the money, and we said we could do it,” Gordon declared.
The new offices are expected to be completed by next month, and preference would be given to corporate entities, such as GWI, which already occupies offices at LEN, and other like businesses that are interested in renting. The offices will measure twelve by thirteen feet.
Overall, the additional space measures 75 by 60 feet or four thousand five hundred plus square feet.
LEN is the successor of LEAP which would have initiated and financed several infrastructural projects during the seven years it operated in Linden. These included the multi-million dollar Linden/Georgetown Bus Park; the $40 million-plus Region Ten Business Centre at Kara Kara, the multi-million dollar River Front project; the  Egbert Benjamin Exhibition and Conference Centre at Spieghtland and a demonstration farm at Moblissa. They also have to their credit the rehabilitation of several roads including those at Speightland and in West Watooka.
The entity had also pumped a lot of money into irrigation canals to assist farmers.
LEAP was developed by the European Union (EU) and the Guyana Government, to help in diversifying the economy of Linden from  one that was almost totally dependent  on bauxite, to one where  other industries would develop to offer alternative employment opportunities.
From LEAP to LEN 
LEAP closed its operations in 2009 to make way for its successor LEN (Linden Enterprise Network).
The APNU /AFC Government had allocated $155 million to re-launch the (LEN) programme in August 2015 to facilitate institutional and capacity building support to small and medium enterprises within Region 10, after some four years of dormancy, subsequent to its take over from LEAP.
Forty entrepreneurs subsequently received their loan approval letters from LEN, with the launch of its micro credit programme in December 2015.