About LEN

Linden Enterprise Network inc(LEN inc) was established as a private Limited Liability Company wholly owned by the Government of Guyana.
The objective of LEN is to support the creation and strengthening of viable and competitive enterprises generating new long-term jobs.

 A one stop developmental agency that provides information, direction, funding, source of funding, guidance for all round development of population of Region 10, in conjunction with all stakeholders entrusted with Linden and Region 10’s development.

To provide critical financial, business, physical, advisory and other relevant services for the overall development of Linden and Region 10.


• Provision of services relevant and accurate for swift analysis and action.

• Exercise of care and consideration in strategic functioning.

• No customer is leaving dissatisfied.

 • Obtaining maximum value for each dollar spent.

• Growth is imminent when untapped potential is given the optimal consideration, value and a structured life.




Our website provides information about our services, Events and more.