Production Training

Production training provides the tools for upgrading of technical skills in any sector desired by our clients, provided we are able to identify qualified and experienced instructors. Focus will be on practical work, accompanied by theoretical inputs. Production training may focus on training for the introduction of new products, services or systems, on the operation of new machinery or on different designs and decorations on existing products. We are open to all sorts of production training suggestions from our clients that will assist in business expansion and job creation.


Who can benefit from this service?

Production training targets a wide range of clients who must have a group of at least five (5) participants. Among these are:

Micro and Small businesses and their employees ,

Agriculture-based businesses and organisations,

Community-based organisations.


How can I benefit from the service?

You acquire hands-on skills and specific production / business know-how. You may also acquire new production techniques, and learn to operate new machines all of which can enhance production for higher sales volume.


What should I do to benefit from the service?

Contact the LEN Business Development Unit for appointment or information: (Phone: 444- 4062,or 444-6256).

If you are not yet a LEN client, you will be registered on your first appointment


How much do I have to pay?

Contact the above-mentioned persons for more information.

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